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  • Why should I feed frozen fish foods?
    Frozen aquarium fish food is considered the best way to provide your fishes with the maximum amount of vital nutrients. Scientifically, frozen foods comprise more nutritional values than dry and freeze dried forms. Flash frozen foods at certain temperatures effectively kill harmful pathogens. Also, in nature, fishes have a predatory instinct. Frozen bloodworms, artemia, etc. comprising mainly insect protein also mimics the wriggling motion of prey in water which encourages even the most fussiest of eaters to consume food.
  • How many Discus Elites® frozen food cubes should I feed?
    This question is hard to answer as different species of fishes have different appetites and some species are more quick eaters than the others. However the main things to look for are: 1. How skinny or fatty your fishes look? 2. How much excess food is left over? Ideally, your fishes should be having a slightly rounded abdomen after taking feed. If the abdomen have a larger than normal bulge after feeding, consider decreasing the quantity of Discus Elites® frozen food cubes and if the bellies are sunken after taking feed consider increasing the quantity of Discus Elites® frozen food cubes. Also if you find consistently that large amount of food is left over at the bottom of the aquarium after considerable time has passed, siphon out the leftovers and consider feeding less next time onwards.
  • Do I have to change water after feeding Discus Elites® frozen food cubes?
    Yes. The greater the quantity of protein in food the more is the nitrogenous waste viz. nitrate, nitrite, ammonia. It is recommended to siphon out the leftovers and consider feeding less next time onwards.
  • Can I feed Deli-worms™ to Marine Fishes?
    Yes. Deli-worms™ - The Delicious Bloodworms can be fed to all carnivorous and omnivorous freshwater & marine fishes.
  • Can I feed Healthimia® to my freshwater fishes?
    Yes. Healthimia® - The Healthier Frozen Artemia can be fed to any freshwater and saltwater carnivorous & omnivorous fishes
  • Can I feed Nutriheart® Red in community tank?
    No If your community tank comprises fishes of yellow and white coloration, Nutriheart® Red is not recommended and may affect in undesired color changes in the fishes Otherwise, If your community aquarium has only red and blue colored fishes, you can feed Nutriheart® Red.
  • Can I feed Nutriheart® Yellow to fishes in community aquarium?
    No. Nutriheart® Yellow is only recommended for yellow colored fishes.
  • Do I need to thaw the Discus Elites® cubes before feeding?
    No. Thawing is not needed. Just pop the cube/cubes and drop in your aquarium.
  • What is the shelf life of Discus Elites® products?
    Check Expiry at the bottom of the pack. Generally when you order a product expect a shelf life of : when stored in a deep freezer at freezing temperatures.
  • How to store Discus Elites® products?
    It is recommended to store Discus Elites® products in a deep freezer at below - 18°C at all times.
  • Can I return a Discus Elites® product after purchasing?
    No. All Discus Elites® products are under perishable items category. Unfortunately, we do not provide any returns after purchase.
  • Is Cash on Delivery (COD) available?
    No. Presently our shipping is handled by third party operators. So currently we accept payments only via 1) Credit / Debit Card 2) Netbanking 3) UPI 4) PhonePe/ Gpay
  • How long will it take for my products to get delivered after placing order?
    We have 2 shipping options : 1) Same Day Delivery - Delivered within 24 hours of placing order 2) Standard Delivery - Delivered in 2-3 business days
  • Is there any shipping charges?
  • Can I change address after placing an order?
    No. Once the order is placed no alteration can be made. We request you to place the order after confirming all details. In case for any unforeseen event, you can submit a request for consideration at +91-9836366320 (whatsapp only).
  • Can I get delivery in Delhi?
    You can only get direct delivery from the company in select pincodes that you can check during checkout. If you cannot find delivery available in your pincode you can reach out to us via whatsapp at +91-9836366320 to find if we have any local retail partners in your area.


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